А есть инструкция, как на одном сервере два инстанца мастодона поставить? Что-то у меня конфигурация nginx не складывается. Ругается на апстрим бэкэнд какой-то. Два виртуальных сервера, в первом принимает, во втором ругается.

@Gargron @rf

@drsebro @rf Different nginx config files all live in the same space so what you need is to ensure that stuff outside of the server {} block is only present once globally (e.g. map and proxy_cache_path). Then for the upstream {} blocks, you gotta name them different things, like upstream backend_foo {} and upstream backend_bar {} etc.

@Gargron thank you for your quick answer. Unfortunately it looks like I need a straight forward instruction :) I can already start Nginx with some adjustments suggested by you, but there is still something wrong configured. My second instance is showing partially content of the first one.

Should I ask this question on ?

@drsebro Look, here, hopefully this illustrates what I'm talking about enough:

Also, if you're not using Docker, you should know how to isolate your two servers from each other: Use different DB_NAME, use REDIS_NAMESPACE, and if using local filestorage for uploads, make sure they don't write to the same directory.

@Gargron look in the lines 13 & 36 in both files. I have there one time mastodon and second time wartadon (I used wartadon as substitution for mastodon during the installation). What I probably not changed is the REDIS_NAMESPACE. I have to search for this.

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