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If you are
:nkoHehe: anarcho communist
:nkoWhoaa: having account on Fedi
:nkoShrug: there are high chances you are a gay or a tranny

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re: vaccines, uspol 

@Stellar New rule: you’re going to change your gay ass profile picture.

Please don't touch this pedo. He's an ill one. As all pedos do...
I condemn pedos as fuck

That's not my actual voice. I set up the sequencer before connecting to Jami

A newcomer nigga, guys follow this account plz
-> @woo_spih

thing on news 

"guy drives into store, baby gets trapped under, is saved"
mom: :blobcatshocked:
me: :ferret_bored:

I really don't think AR15s for civilians are really mandatory. I'd say pistols and shotguns are enough man

I'm very happy there's a flibusta.i2p service where I can download books for free!

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